We need a small army of volunteers to make ESDC happen! Applications are now closed for 2015.

We start setting up at the Radisson on Wednesday evening 14th October, the event starts on Thursday and runs through the weekend. We start packing up late on Sunday night and are finished by Monday afternoon 19th October.

Some volunteer jobs are before the event, some during the event. You can volunteer just a few hours of your time, or you can work full-time over the weekend.

Volunteer positions will be available in return for free Ballroom Passes only. No free workshop passes, accommodation or competitions will be given in return for volunteering this year.

Since all volunteers have different skills and work different hours, we negotiate the volunteer deals on a case-by-case basis. Here are some possible deals:

4 hours in return for a one-day Ballroom Pass (value £35)
8 hours in return for two one-day Ballroom Passes (value £70)
12 hours in return for a Full Event Ballroom Pass (value £95)

If you’ve already bought a Ballroom Pass we can refund you.
Or you can work for credit towards ESDC 2016.
Some volunteers may become paid staff instead.

Please read through the jobs available below, find your perfect job, then click the purple button at the bottom of the page!

Work Before The Event

These jobs are for work needed before the event, starting ASAP. No work at the event itself, so you can just enjoy your free weekend pass.

  • EuroStar Sponsor Manager – help us secure swing event sponsors for the EuroStar Award
  • UK Press Manager – help us get ESDC featured in local press.
  • Event Magazine Editor – help put together the full colour event magazine.

Manager Positions

To apply for a Manager position, you must be staying in the hotel during the event, and you must have a UK mobile. Living in London is preferred. Managers will roster and manage a small team of assistants (your crew). This means you must spend some time before the event meeting with Sharon to plan the team, preparing a roster/schedule for your crew, communicating or meeting with them before the event, and overseeing your team during the event. But with good planning, you won’t have to work many hours yourself at the event. And you can choose your own crew to work with!

  • Workshop Manager – oversee the running of the workshops and classes
  • Lecture Room Manager – oversee the running of meetings & talks in the lecture room
  • Rehearsals Manager – supervise the rehearsal spaces, to make sure they’re used fairly
  • Setup & Crashdown Manager – manage the crew helping with setup & packup, primarily on Wednesday night, daytime Thursday, Sunday night and Monday morning.
  • Door Control Manager – oversee the roster of assistants checking wristbands at the door
  • Cloak Room Manager – oversee the roster of assistants helping in the coat/bag room

Nerds Needed!

If you are a mathematical person and love spreadsheets, good with technology, happy working on Mac and Internet savvy, we need you! The Competition Crew is vital to making ESDC run smoothly and on schedule. You’ll be working directly with Sharon in her personal crew for the weekend, and though it’s nerdy, it’s the most exciting job!

  • Competition Desk Assistants – handle contest registrations and check-ins at the desk using our online booking system. Answer contest-related questions.
  • Scorekeeping Assistants – help prepare judging sheets for contests and tabulate the scores and winners!

Part Time Jobs

Join one of the crews to do some shift work. You’ll have a manager who will give you set hours to work on the weekend. If you are competing or taking classes, you can schedule your shift(s) not to clash, no problem!

  • Workshop Assistants – check wristbands, help out at auditions and keep the classrooms nice.
  • Registration Desk Assistants – meet and greet guests, check in pre-registrations, sell Ballroom Passes & merchandise, answer general event questions and smile!
  • Drivers – have a car and a valid drivers license? want to help drive staff & equipment, primarily on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday?
  • Assistant to the MC – be a minion for Alex Dreyer. Usher, gopher, fetch. Dress nicely, you’ll be in front of the crowd.
  • Setup & Crashdown Crew – help set up the event on Wednesday & Thursday, and/or help pack up the event on Sunday and Monday. Enjoy everything in between.
  • Door Control Crew – check wristbands at the ballroom doors. Easiest job!
  • Cloak Room Assistants – manage bags & coats in the cloak room. Also super easy!
  • Childminder – help look after a charming 8-month old during the event. Experience needed.
  • Film Crew Assistants – assist Patrick & Natasha filming the contests Friday-Sunday
  • Health & Safety Officer – supervise the event setup to keep ESDC safe
  • First Aid Crew – be on call during some or all of the event, in case of accident/illness (eg: Senior First Aider, GP, Sports Injury Specialist). We’ve never needed anyone before, but we like to be prepared!

Photographers, Film Makers, Press

If you are a photographer, we are happy to offer a full weekend free pass in return for your photographs of the event. Also if you are a film maker and would like to make a short film of ESDC. Or if you are a journalist, blogger or member of the press and would like to cover ESDC. If this is you, please email volunteers@europeanswing.com with samples of your work or press credentials.