ESDC 2012 Swing Shop

Swing Shop

Get some cash for your trash! We’re having a commission shop at ESDC this year, meaning bring along your unwanted swing gear to sell!

We’re looking for vintage 1920s-1950s clothing, retro style modern clothing, dance shoes, hair accessories, etc.

Only quality items in good condition and an appropriate swing style will be accepted.

How it works: Drop off your items on Friday at the vendor booth, name your price (10% commission), pick up your money or remaining items before midnight on Sunday. Easy!

  • Got a pair of dance shoes that never really fitted you?
  • Or that vintage 40s dress you never wear?
  • Or is your wardrobe so overcrowded you’ve run out of space?

Just throw those swing threads in your suitcase and bring them along to ESDC! Remember, your trash might be someone else’s treasure!

Email Sharon ( if you have any questions!

The shop will also be selling swing clothes and shoes from international vendors, CDs, DVDs, and of course, the awesome 2012 ESDC t-shirts!

2012 Tshirt

Only 2 weeks to go! So excited…