ESDC 2012 has now ended!

Thank you to all the amazing dancers who attended this year and made it so special. It was a spectacular weekend of competitions, workshops and parties. It was an honour to host so many wonderful dancers in Barcelona this year, and we hope to see you all again at ESDC 2013.

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Congratulations to all the contest winners! Here are the 2012 competition results:

EuroStar Award
Alex Parker & Cat Foley (UK)

Open Lindy Hop Couples:

1st Place: Gustav Jakobsson & Mirjam Johansson (Sweden)
2nd Place: Evan Hughes & Noni Clarke (Australia)
3rd Place: Ivor Pavlov & Marina Alekseeva (Russia)

All-Star Lindy Hop Couples

1st Place: William Mauvais & Maeva Truntzer (France)
2nd Place: Ali Taghavi & Katja Uckermann (Germany)
3rd Place: Nick Williams & Nina Gilkenson (USA)

Open Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

1st Place: Jens Fredrik Wisloff (Norway) & Audrey De Sois (France)
2nd Place: Chris Harm (Australia) & Silje Lien (Norway)
3rd Place: Joris Focquaert (Belgium) & Melanie Ohl (France)

Advanced Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

1st Place: Nicolas Deniau (France) & Katja Uckermann (Germany)
2nd Place: Ricardo Biggeri (Argentina) & Mette Herlitz (Sweden)
3rd Place: Ali Taghavi (Germany) & Crystal Lee (South Korea)

All-Star Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

1st Place: Max Pitruzella (France) & Laura Keat (USA)
2nd Place: Chance Bushman (USA) & Alice Mei (USA)
3rd Place: Dax Hock (USA) & Giedre Paplaityte (Lithuania)

Balboa Jack & Jill

1st Place: Andreas Olsson (Sweden) & Lana Mykhaylyuk (Ukraine)
2nd Place: Albert Ferran (Spain) & Vanessa Granjon (France)
3rd Place: Patrick Szmidt (France) & Maeva Truntzer (France)

Solo Jazz:

1st Place: Juan Villafane (Argentina)
2nd Place: JB Mino (France)
3rd Place: Bobby White (USA)

Solo Blues:

1st Place: Ksenia Parkhatskaya (Russia)
2nd Place: Juan Villafane (Argentina)
3rd Place: Jo Hoffberg (USA)

Slow Dance Couples:

1st Place: Michael Darigol & Sara Deckard (USA)
2nd Place: Ricardo Biggeri & Solidad Larretapia (Argentina)
3rd Place: Gontran Galinier & Tatiana Udry (France)

Balboa Couples:

1st Place: Nick Williams & Laura Keat (USA)
2nd Place: Zack Richard (Canada) & Vanessa Granjon (France)
3rd Place: Andreas Olsson (Sweden) & Sanna Leinonen (Finland)

Classic Lindy Hop Showcase:

1st Place: Dax Hock & Sarah Breck (USA)
2nd Place: Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg (USA)
3rd Place: William Mauvais & Maeva Truntzer (France)

Open Showcase:

1st Place: Nicolas Deniau (France) & Mikaela Hellsten (Sweden)
2nd Place: William Mauvais (France) & Maeva Truntzer (France)
3rd Place: Max Pitruzella (France) & Alice Mei (France)


1st Place: Savoy Lindy Hoppers (France & Argentina)
2nd Place: The Golden Chestnuts (Ukraine)
3rd Place: Red Square Hoppers (Russia)


1st Place: Ramiro Vergas
2nd Place: The Crazyers
3rd Place: Elly Squire as Clara Cupcakes